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Store History

Spoke Bike & Ski was established by the Berry family 28 years ago. Our cycling background has deep roots. Our parents, Peter and Dorothy Berry, met through cycling and racing in Manchester, England back in the 50s.

Small Beginnings

Our store started out as a hobby in the basement and has since turned into a successful business which has withstood the test of time. Spoke Bike & Ski’s grand opening took place in October 1987 at 6th and St Paul. At the time, we had been called "Cycle Logical." Our store encompassed 350 sq ft. Fast forward 28 years to 2015 and “Spoke Bike & Ski" has become a huge store with 8000 sq ft. You can now find us at our new location at 194 W Victoria St.
Paul and Carolyn are a brother and sister team, and have been lucky to spend a lot of time involved in what they love to do thanks to their parents’ hard work and support. 
In 2008, we are very excited to say that Greg Johnson decided to come back to Spoke and join us as a part-owner. We enjoy working together to take Spoke to the next level.
We would like to say thank you to all of our incredibly loyal customers who have supported us over the last two decades. We welcome new customers and old, and look forward to fuelling your passion now and in the future.

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