After a 17 year hiatus the Stomp Classic is back. A 50km XC Mountain Bike Marathon with an epic single track section (Stomp) and technical features you will not find elsewhere. The events is located at Stake Lake just outside of Kamloops.

For 2018, our event is held on the July 7th/8th weekend and will feature 5 cycling distances and 2 running distances. The 50km “Stomp” race concludes out of two laps of the classic loop. The 20km “Mediator” race features a single loop. And our 12km “Just GO For It” loop features a single loop.

We did not forget our Juniors and Kids. Bring your children for our 10km “Junior Trail” race and/or for our 1.5km “Little Bikers” event.

Last but not least ,we will host a 25km and 10km trail run on the “Stomp” and “Junior Trail” loop. One of the many rock face sections

Distance and loop details:

50km Stomp (2x25km): The main course features a 25km loop with roughly 10km of technical single track, 10km of single track and 5km of double track. Our technical single track sections include roots, rocks, rock faces, dirt, bridges while riding through uphill and downhill sections. The most technical rock face sections provide the direct (A) and an easier (B) line.

20km Mediator: The 20km loop includes 15km of beginner to intermediate friendly single track and 5km double track.

12km Just GO For It: Our 12km loop features 12km of beginner friendly single and double track. 

10km Junior Trail: The 10km “Junior trail” is build out of two 5km loops featuring Junior friendly Single and Double tracks where you can not leave your skills at home. 

1.5km Little Bikers: 1.5km of a fun loop along Stake Lake with some obstacles and challenges well suited for the little ones riding a Strider bike or pedal bike.

25km Trail Run: One loop of the Stomp Classic course.

10km Trail Run: One loop of the Junior Trail course.

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Stomp Classic